Welcome to Nordic Sound Symposium 2015

Sundvolden Hotell 28.05.2015 - 31.05.2015

NSS has long traditions all the way back to the 60ties. Through the years the event was arranged at Bolkesjø Hotel and the symposium was so associated with the hotel that it also was named the “Bolkesjøsymposium”. The symposium was mainly driven by Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) and Seem Audio. During the later events the program committee also got valuable support  from Gerhard Stoll (IRT) and Florian Camerer (ORT).  A lot of great audio engineers and speakers both from nordic countries and from abroad have participated at the symposium and the event has a strong branding and reputation in audio environments especially in Europe.

Glimpse of the history

New organization is established

New Symposium last weekend in May 2015

Nordic Sound Symposium (NSS) resurface in 2015. Last event was held in September 2011 in Sarpsborg.

After the last event in Sarpsborg in 2012, NRK who was the main contributer to this happening, decided that future events had to be arranged and organized differently. Therefore eight vendors in audio business located in Oslo area – usually supporting the symposium over the years, P4 and also NRK was meeting regularly to sort out if there were concensus on how to organize this further on.  Statues for a new association was written in 2013. January 2014 the statues was successfully signed by all parties that had contributed in the work – a total number of 10 parties. During 2014 additional members have been added and the members of the association are for the time being:

  • Broadcasters; NRK, TV2, P4 and Swedish Radio (SR)
  • Vendors: Scandec, Nordic Rock, Prolyd, Benum, Lydrommet, Soundware, Lydsystemer, COWI, LAWO, Video 4 and Sennheiser Norway

Further members have shown interest but not yet signed on the agreement.

Spring 2014 the association was registered in Brønnøysund Register Center.

Spring 2014 it was decided to place the main event of the symposium to Sundvolden Hotel. The hotel is located just 40 minutes transport by car outside Oslo, halfway to Hønefoss. It is very simple to get there by bus from the bus terminal in the centre of Oslo, and there is very frequent departures. Sundvolden Hotel will be the unions partner for arranging the main events every second year in the comming years.

Up to now the event has been arranged in the period September/ October. The latter events proved that this was not a good idea, because this period of year is quite busy for many which ment that they did not show up. After some discussion last weekend in May was chosen  for the event in 2015.  

There is established a programme committee, event committee and a board for NSS. This years programme is well under planning. You can read more about the programme if you click on “Programme” tab on the main page.

We have great faith in this years  event. The programme seems very promising, and the enthusiasm in the working committees is great. We of course hope for great support and a lot of participants visiting us the last weekend in May.

If you have attended NSS before we can assure that the 2015 event will contain much of the same; high quality presentations, good speakers, and of course the atmosphere of the symposium is meant to be retained. These elements are much of the symposiums heart and soul and this shall be continued.

The participant fee will be as low as possible. In fact there is no increase in the fee since last event in 2012, moreover a small reduction from 7200 NOK in 2012 to 7000 NOK for the upcoming event. In addition an Early Bird registration is offered which reduce the cost to 6500 NOK. This require registration before 15th of March. In addition there is a student price of 6000,- NOK. The cost covers hotel accommodation, all meals during the stay included the festive dinner Saturday night  with drinks included. And of course the fee covers the presentations and exhibitions!!!! Good value for the money!!

Welcome to Sundvolden 28 – 31 May 2015.

Save money and use Early Bird registration before 15th March.