Remote production in broadcast


Jim Green is a Product Specialist and International Sales Manager at Calrec Audio

Remote production gives broadcasters the ability to capture a wider range of live events, such as regional sports, news or music festivals, and mix them live in a remote facility hundreds or thousands of miles away. Remote production save money; it can reduce the movement of people and equipment, increase the utilization of equipment, reduce on-site set-up times and maximize the efficiency of production teams. With broadcasters constantly challenged to produce more live coverage with squeezed resources, a remote production model can facilitate doing more for less. Producing sound remotely at another location has its own set of advantages and challenges. Examples can be control, how to extend workflows to the venue, infrastructure and how raw signals are transported back to base.  With the issues of latency, control and infrastructure now solved, many broadcasters are reaping the benefits of a remote production model. This seminar will explain how these issues are solved using Calrec’s approach of interconnecting and orchestrating distributed production resources over Wide Area Networks.

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