Andreas Hildebrand


NSS is happy to announce that Andreas Hildebrand has confirmed he is coming to the Nordic Sound Symposium. He will do two presentations called  Overview on key technologies and  Network Technology Basics – and how they apply to audio networking in general


Andreas Hildebrand is acting as Senior product manager for RAVENNA. His experience is based on merely 20 years of occupation within the Professional Audio/ Broadcasting industry. He received a graduate diploma in computer science and worked as a software engineer and head of development for companies in Germany and US for several years. Later engagements included senior project management responsibilities for a news system implementation at CNN/ Atlanta and WNPR/ Washington DC. Before joining ALC NetworX he was leading the Product Management at David Systems, an international operating software company in the Professional Audio/ Broadcast marked.

Andreas Hildebrand has outlined a few headlines his presentation will include:

Overview on key technologies                                                                                                       

  • AES67 explained – what, why, when?
  • RAVENNA & AES67 – introduction to RAVENNA and how AES67 relates to it
  • Application examples (in-house distribution, event setup, remote production, OB vans etc.)
  • Q&A / round table (a final QA round table with available experts from ??? on the general topic – usually people like to raise some questions or discuss topics at the end)

Network Technology Basics – and how they apply to audio networking in general:                   

  • Introduction to networking fundamentals (OSI layer etc.)
  • Differences between circuit switching and packet switching
  • Characteristics of packet switching (transport, routing, packet assembly, latency, QoS etc.)
  • Layer 2 vs. layer 3 networks (advantages / disadvantages, limitations etc.)

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