Andreas Silzle

Andreas Silzle

Senior Scientist at AudioLabs-IIS, Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS
Eddy B

Eddy B. Brixen

Eddy B. Brixen is a consultant and the owner of EBB-consult in Denmark.
Florian Camerer Foto

Florian Camerer

Tonmeister at ORF (Austrian TV)

Jim Eld

Jim Eld joined Swedish Radio 4 years ago.

Jim Green

Jim Green is a Product Specialist and International Sales Manager at Calrec Audio.
Johan B

Johan Boqvist

Johan Boqvist started his career at Swedish radio 17 years ago as a sound engineer. Primarily working wit...
Jonas Næsby_

Jonas Naesby

Customer Development & Application Engineer at Sennheiser

Ketil Havgar og Nina Popperud

Ketil Havgar og Nina Popperud - MUO

Luca Giaroli

Business Manager at DirectOut GmbH

Magne Skålevik

Acoustic consultant for Brekke & Strand AS

Markus Hinz

Telos Allaince/Linear Acoustic

Morten Lindberg

Recording Producer and Balance Engineer with 32 American GRAMMY-nominations since 2006, 24 of these in ca...

Per Eirik Heimdal

Seksjonssjef for Frekvensavdelingen i Nkom  
Robert Scovill

Robert Scovill

Robert is a 35-year veteran of professional concert sound and recording and has mixed over 3500 events in...

Stephen Patterson

Sales development director, EMEA for Biamp Systems