Florian Camerer

Florian Camerer Foto

Tonmeister at ORF (Austrian TV)

Florian Camerer joined the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) in 1990. In 1995 he became a staff sound-engineer ("Tonmeister“) mainly in the field of production sound and post-production. Already in 1993 Florian started to get interested in Multichannel Audio. He mixed the first program of the ORF in Dolby Surround ("Arctic Northeast“) and is since then involved in all aspects of Multichannel Audio at ORF. Since autumn 2008 Florian chairs the EBU group PLOUD, successfully introducing loudness normalisation instead of peak levelling in Europe. He is presenting and lecturing on an international basis especially in loudness and surround sound, including immersive audio (3D audio).



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