Pål Bråtelund

One of the first graduates from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and landed university degree in the area between performance and recorded audio.


Ted Laverty

Ted Laverty is Senior director of Corporate Strategy and Development at DTS. In this role, engages with many global standards focused on content delivery and in-home networking. In this role he represent DTS in many broadcast and home-networking worldwide standards including DVB, ETSI, DASH, DLNA, and HbbTV.

Simon Jan 2015 H&S mono[2]

Simon Tuff

Simon is currently a Principal Technologist at the BBC but started his broadcasting career in Student Radio in 1983 when he was studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the University of Bradford.


Bård Støfringsdal

Bård Støfringsdal has a broad academic background within sound propagation, simulation and reproduction of three-dimensional sound fields, microphones and recording techniques, hearing and psychoacoustics.


Bert Van Daele

Bert Van Daele is CTO at Auro Technologies.

Christophe Chabanne

Christophe Chabanne

Christophe Chabanne graduated from the University of Miami’s Audio Engineering program. He joined Dolby Laboratories in 2001 and focusedmost of his career on surround sound related technologies such as multichannel audio, binaural rendering, psychoacoustics, and matrix encoding/decoding.


Stefan Meltzer

Stefan Meltzer studied electrical engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander
University in Erlangen, Germany. in 1990 he joined the Fraunhofer Institute
for Integrated Circuits (IIS) in Erlangen, Germany. After working in the field of
IC design for several years, Stefan became the project leader for the
development of the WorldSpace Satellite Broadcasting system in 1995.


Thomas Lund

Thomas’ position is CTO Broadcast & Production. He is primarily working with spatialization, perceptual measurements and hearing loss prevention

Bror Jansson

Fredrik Bergholtz

NSS confirms Fredrik Bergholtz – Swedish Radio – is coming. His presentation will focus on EBU’s work on ACIP.

  • Why do we need that?
  • Audio codecs and formats, AAC, Opus etc.
  • Signaling, SIP
Greg Shay

Greg Shay

NSS introduces Greg Shay from Telos Alliance . Gregs presentation will focus on Potential benefits of AES67 AoIP for use in a TV audio / SDI environment. Abstact will be published soon!!

Jan Lykke

Jan Lykke

NSS is very happy to present Jan Lykke – NTP technology -as one of the speakers at the symposium. His presentation will provide a hands-on approach to setting up an AoIP network.

Florian Camerer Foto

Florian Camerer

Once again we are happy to welcome Florian Camerer from ORF to Nordic Sound Symposium!!! In this presentation, basic microphone techniques will be examined, charting the path from mono to stereo, to planar surround sound and to the latest immersive audio systems like Auro 3D and Dolby Atmos.


Nadja Wallaszkovits

NSS is very happy to introduce and welcome Nadja Wallaszkovits. Restoration, transfer and digitisation of the three oldest magnetic tapes held in the archive of the Norwegian Radio Museum is the subject of the presentation.


Andreas Hildebrand

NSS is happy to announce that Andreas Hildebrand has confirmed he is coming to the Nordic Sound Symposium. He will do two presentations called  Overview on key technologies and  Network Technology Basics – and how they apply to audio networking in general



A workshop will be set up where attendees can gain experience in configuring and working with networks for AVD, Dante, Ravenna, MADI, AES67, LiveWire and bridging between these under the assistance and guidance of the manufacturers' representatives.


Eddy B. Brixen

NSS is proud to welcome Eddy Bøgh Brixen

Eddy B. Brixen will again share his knowhow on the different aspects on microphone technics. This time his presentation is called “Body worn microphones and speech intelligibility”.


Kevin Gross

We are very proud to announce that  Kevin Gross has confirmed he is coming to Nordic Sound Symposium.

The paper is called History of Digital Audio Networking.


Music Production in 9.1 Auro-3D

Morten Lindberg will present his latest projects in their native Immersive 9.1 Auro-3D and discuss the organic positioning of musicians vs. the recorded music score and the resultant positioning of the microphone array in space. Lindberg wil play examples in various formats demonstrating technical and aural differences and similarities.