Jan Lykke

Jan Lykke

NSS is very happy to present Jan Lykke – NTP technology -as one of the speakers at the symposium. His presentation will provide a hands-on approach to setting up an AoIP network.


Jan Lykke is Business Development Manager at NTP Technology. Jan Lykke has an accumulated 25+ years of experience from manufacturers within the broadcast, telecommunications and videosurveillance industries. Jan has worked with network technology for the last 15 years where he saw the transition from analogue video to network based video within the videosurveillance industry and is now seeing a similar transition in the broadcast and pro audio industry.

NTP is renowned for its broadcast audio routers being used by many major broadcasters. NTP also manufactures high-end audio A/D-D/A converters sold under the Digital Audio Denmark brand to the music recording and post-production industries. NTP products have used the Dante AoIP Technology for the last 4 years in a wide variety of applications.

The presentation will provide a hands-on approach to setting up an AoIP network and will include topics such as:

- From small to big networks

- Why are networks so complicated?

- Can I use my existing network for AoIP?

- How do I set up an AoIP network?

- What network equipment should I choose?

- Oops, did I do that?

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