Bert Van Daele


Bert Van Daele is CTO at Auro Technologies.


After graduating as an Engineer in Digital Electronics he started out as an electronics designer at Philips Electronics, mainly working on digital products related to Surround Sound. Being a semi-professional musician (keyboards) and sound-engineer as well, he took a sabbatical leave, during which he worked at the Galaxy Studios as an intern. One of his assignments was to set up the first experimental setups for what became the Auro 9.1 setup. Afterwards, he returned to Philips as an Acoustical Engineer, after following a course in Acoustics in Antwerp (Hogere Cursus in Akoestiek at KVIV). During his 5-year career in the Acoustical department, he perfected the Soundbar concept, but remained in contact with Wilfried Van Baelen concerning the Auro-3D developments. In 2010, Bert started at Auro Technologies as R&D Engineer, evolving into the R&D Manager role and then CTO, responsible for the technical roadmap and developments to support the Auro-3D format.

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