Pål Bråtelund


One of the first graduates from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and landed university degree in the area between performance and recorded audio.


 In parallell, working in Schibsted’s VG Multimedia between 1999 and 2008 gaining insight in the business side of the music enterprise, multimedia and mobile technology in the role as Head of VG Mobile, now Norway’s most used mobile service. Blend in four years of lean management in Schibsted before heading to WiMP to tighten up the music catalogue, sound quality and playback performance, Pål certainly can see the music enterprise from many aspects and is an experienced speaker with a flair for entertainment.

People are quickly moving to interacting with music thorugh streaming, and streaming grew out of a decade where the entire delivery chain was lossy. Record labels distributed their catalogues as MP3 and then it was transcoded to other delivery formats either for streaming or progressive download. In 2012 we started WiMP HiFi, which has now become TIDAL in 43 countries. Getting back to redbook in a streaming environment might not come across to people as the giant leap as it actually is. Pål will take you through the status of high quality streaming.

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