Greg Shay

Greg Shay

NSS introduces Greg Shay from Telos Alliance . Gregs presentation will focus on Potential benefits of AES67 AoIP for use in a TV audio / SDI environment. Abstact will be published soon!!



Greg begin experimenting with DSP and digital audio in 1980 by connecting a hand-built resistor D-to-A to his good old Radio Shack TRS-80. Greg designed the first 16 track digital audio workstation for the PC in 1989 as a co-founder of Spectral Synthesis, which became the heart of the Euphonix R-1 hard disk recorder.

In the early ’90s, the demands of collaboration in multi-room audio facilities stimulated interest and research into audio networking. Joining Telos in 1997, this came to fruition as an inventor of the Telos Livewire audio network technology.

Greg was a member of the AES subcommittee that created the new AES67 networked audio standard

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