Magne Skålevik


Acoustic consultant for Brekke & Strand AS

As an acoustic consultant and designer, Magne Skålevik focus on helping his clients to achieve just the right acoustics in their concert hall of any size, performance spaces for opera, drama, ballet, or their practice rooms. Recording studios, cinema, lecture rom - any room for music and speech. Symphony orchestras with stage acoustic or Noise & Health. His clients are the owners of the major concert hall and performance centers, and their resident orchestras, in Oslo and Bergen, Norway. A specialty of his is to plan and design acoustics in music spaces by mutually adapted combination of architectural acoustics and electroacoustics (Active Acoustic Systems).

Other specialties: Auditorium acoustics and room acoustics in performance spaces; custom design of reflectors, diffusers and absorbers; Music spaces with Active Acoustic Systems; Variable acoustics in multi-purpose spaces; computational acoustics; ODEON room acoustics prediction tool; high sound insulation design; contol of building vibrations from human activity.
Founder and Editor of the center for room acoustics for music and speech:
R&D and Publications:

Abstract: Live sound reinforcement in rooms with electroacoustic reverb systems